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Social Media

Social Media as a concept is the “new Latin;” the lingua franca (that’s Latin by the way…) of a new age.  And yet, Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, et al (Latin again!) is extremely old as a concept.

Social Media platforms enable people to talk directly with others. Like the first written language, the printing press, billboards, radio, and tv; Social Media are platforms to do what creative people have always done: communicate, elevate, and call others to action.

Companies who don’t embrace these new tools will go the same way as companies who failed to embrace past innovations. And yet, so many are taking baby steps when they should be diving into the deep end of the pool and enjoying themselves.

The reason is not a lack of understanding of what these tools are or how to use them. Since the advent of operating systems and applications that come packaged for use by end-users with little or no technical skills, technology tools have become very simple to use.

The obstacle? Fear. Fear of communicating openly, fear of community response, and fear of working collabortively with others within an organization. Gone are the days of companies communicating through static platforms such as packaged commercials on tv and radio, press releases, and scripted public events.

Now it’s the Wild West with victory going to the strong….or, rather, to the creative and interesting! Case in point: a little known video posted online showing what happens when Pepsi and Mentos meet (hint: it’s explosive). The video sparked copy-cats and took on a viral growth that resulted in this world record. Pepsi embraced this and benefited from it. In fact, if you look at Pepsi’s official site and compare it to its competitor Coke, you’ll see a world of difference and know which company is open to news ways of communicating.

This isn’t an advertisement for Pepsi or a recommendation to drink one beverage over another (in fact, a lot of my programmer friends drink Coke). Rather it’s an example that we have nothing to fear by diving into the deep end of the pool.

Carpe Diem!

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