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NYC Experimenting with Bikes

In this article from today’s New York Times, the city is experimenting with a bike-sharing program along the lines of similiar ones in Paris and Amsterdam. The rise of these efforts in other countries coupled with interest from US cities (including Seattle) is an ecouraging sign from the perspective of climate change and traffic congestion.

These efforts are also an encourging sign of how people are more interested in sharing resources towards a common good that benefits them on an individual level. In business and employment trends, we are seeing a rise of partnerships for specific projects as well as more long-term strategic efforts.

This is especially true for small companies intent on growth. Those that are more open to sharing resources to a common goal are most often the ones that are also open to innovation. Being open can also mean having a business plan that one is proud of and good business plans are the by-product of good practices, vision, and, ethics. These are attributes and values independent of business and market fluctuations and they provide a company with the necessary cultural base to grow.

When you’re strapped for resources but you still have to grow in order to survive and thrive, sharing makes sense.

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