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Seeing the Far Mountain

In Japanese swordsmanship the phrase 遠山の目付け or “seeing the far mountain” refers to the way one should view their opponent in combat. It refers to a way of seeing in totality as opposed to a restricted focus. Before one faces the opponent, one must face oneself. Paring back the layers to see true motivations and capabilities and creating a detailed internal picture from which plans for battle can be made.

This  applies equally to business. Whether you are re-organizing a department, planning a new service, or creating a strategy for success in a competitive market, the key to victory lies in ensuring that your actions take into account not only what you want to do, but also what you are truly capable of doing and really needs to be done.

Seeing yourself and your competition in a wide-view that ensures your actions are commensurate with your capabilities and the true needs of your marketplace.  Having this wide view means that you have analyzed your operating needs with a clear process that includes everyone (CEO to clerk) because, on fight day, only the honest warrior who has truly trained and prepared is the one who will truly see their opponent and will emerge victorious.

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