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Healthcare I.T.- Innovations That Will Transform Healthcare

ServerLogic participated in the WTIA-hosted Healthcare IT event last night. It was a packed room at the Herban Feast in SODO with an expert panel of IT and healthcare leaders.

Moderated by Joel French (Founder & Managing Director of the Nephalios Group), the panel consisted of: Henry Albrecht (CEO of Limeade), Carla Corkern (CEO, Chairman of the Board of Talyst), Luis Machuca (President and CEO of Kryptiq), Mohan Nair (EVP, Chief Marketing Executive for Regence), and Michael Raymer (Global Marketing Strategist & General Manager for Microsoft-Health Solutions Group).

Spurred on by questions from the audience, the panel discussed the future of healthcare and the role that technology would play in it. Specifics included, how to manage patient privacy, the needs of healthcare organizations to manage information under current HIPAA regulations, and the roles that individual consumers and health professionals will have to play in this brave new world.

Our takeaway from this event was that there is more that is unknown than known as people and organizations navigate these waters. That said, the innovations in management and delivery of medical services, information (for research as well as patient consumption), and privacy records management, mean that we need to approach this challenge with optimism, an open mind, and a willingness to innovate.

For businesses, this is an opportunity to leverage resources and people to create solutions with the confidence that this will bring bottom line rewards as well as the more intangible, but equally-important, reward of contributing to the community.

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