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Phone Hacks and Terrorism

The recent news that the code that protects 80% of the world’s mobile phones had been cracked plus the attempted bombing of a US airliner again brings home the reality that security is not a given.

In the case of the phone hack, a German encryption expert claimed to have organized the break-in to demonstrate the weakness of the mobile phone network and support his claim that this vulnerability should have been fixed 15 years ago.

At the time of this blog entry, the alleged bomber has not indicated his reason for his actions but early returns from the investigation posted in the press lead many to suspect terrorism.

Both of these events again highlight the necessary for security, be it technology or air travel, to exist in an ever-changing and improving state of affairs.

Malicious activity takes on ever-changing forms as it follows its own logic of destruction and it is incumbent upon all of us to maintain vigilance, continually upgrade our systems and operating methods, and to be creative at all times in adjusting to this environment; taking individual responsibility to be part of the solution.

That said, this level of commitment and creativity will result in not only a safer work environment but also a more creative one. Creativity’s ROI is always high and if every activity, be it security or anything else, is conducted with creativity business and individuals can only prosper grow.

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